Holy Spirit and Seat of Wisdom by Pope John Paul II


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Holy Spirit and Seat of Wisdom

A Prayer by John Paul II

Holy Spirit and Seat of Wisdom
help us in the great endeavor that we are
     carrying out
to meet on a more and more mature way
our brothers and sisters in the faith.
Through all the means of knowledge, of mutual
     respect, of love,
may we be able to rediscover gradually the
     divine plan.
Teach us constantly the ways that lead
     to unity.
Help us all to proclaim Christ and reveal the
     power of God
and the wisdom of God hidden in His Cross.
How greatly I desire to entrust to You
all the difficult problems of the societies,
     systems, and states—
problems that cannot be solved with hatred, war,
     and self-destruction,
but only by peace, justice, and respect for the
     rights of people and nations.

from Go in Peace: A Gift of Enduring Love by John Paul II, edited by Joseph Durepos