A Play Saint Ambrose

A Play: Saint Ambrose

CHARACTERS: Ambrose, Voice 1, Voice 2, Voice 3, Voice 4, Arian supporters, Church supporters
(The scene is a courtroom. There are Arian supporters on one side and a group of Church supporters on the other.)
Voice 1: Ambrose, governor of Milan!
(Ambrose enters.)
Ambrose: The opening of the discussion to choose a bishop for Milan. (He sits.)
Voice 2: We speak for Arians. We want a bishop of Arian beliefs. It is not true that Jesus Christ is God. (applause from the Arian believers)
Voice 3: We speak as true sons of God. The Ariansm are wrong. Let the bishop not be an Arian. (applause from the other side)
Voice 1: The empress Justinia supports the Arians. We have the state on our side.
Voice 4: The Church is above the state. Who cares what side the empress takes? Let her stay out of Church affairs.
Arian Supporters: We want an Arian! We want an Arian!
Church supporters: Down with the Arians! Down with the Arians!
Ambrose: Peace! There should not be fighting about the man of God to be the bishop. Christians should show peace and love. Patience with one another, please! The bishop should be one who gives his money to those who are poor, visits his churches, defends the faith, and confronts even the empress to show that Jesus is true God. For the good of the Church, please. Let him be a man who forgives and is a leader, a shepherd.
Voice 4: Let Ambrose be bishop!
Voice 1: Yes, Ambrose for bishop!
Ambrose: No, I am only a catechumen. I haven’t been baptized.
All: Ambrose for bishop! Ambrose for bishop! Ambrose: But I am not a priest.
Voice 2: You are a man of God. You will be a priest all will be glad to meet. Be our bishop!

Excerpted from Christ Our Life, by Sisters of Notre Dame of Chardon, Ohio