2007: A Book of Grace-Filled Days

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2007: A Book of Grace-Filled Days


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This book of daily meditations and scripture readings, following the lectionary readings of the church year, is a portal to God’s loving, grace-filled presence in the midst of our busy lives. Each page lists the scripture readings from the Mass for that day, a quotation from the readings, and a brief reflection to spur meditation, prayer, and self-examination. The book fosters a daily practice of spiritual calm — a time for God to come in. In this place of deep serenity, we learn to pay attention to God and, thus, train ourselves to see God in all things. 2007: A Book of Grace-Filled Days begins with the beginning of the Church year in Advent 2006 and continues through the 2007 calendar year. The readings and meditations take note of major feast days, especially significant saints, solemnities, and holidays.

LaVonne Neff 

LaVonne Neff is a writer, editor, and publishing consultant who lives and works in the Chicago area.

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