2015 Finding God: Grade 8 Catechist Guide (Bilingual)

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2015 Finding God: Grade 8 Catechist Guide (Bilingual)


Finding God is a faith formation program for grades 7-8 that fosters a lifelong relationship with God by engaging children in the full and authentic teachings of the Catholic Church.  Catechists and teachers are supported every step of the way as they lead children through Scripture, doctrine, Church Tradition, and prayer to build a strong foundation of faith.

Through active-learning strategies that serve a variety of learning styles, young people participate, learn, and grow in knowledge, in faith, and in discipleship. Resources designed by parents and for parents offer practical suggestions on how to integrate faith into everyday life, calling families to “go in faith” and bear Christ to others in their community and in the world.

Finding God has been found to be in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.