Blessed by Less


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Blessed by Less

Clearing Your Life of Clutter by Living Lightly


Catholic Press Association Award, 2014, Second Place: Family Life
Association of Catholic Publishers Award, 2014, First Place: Inspirational 

Susan Vogt knew she had far more stuff in her closets than she needed. So, for Lent one year, Susan took action: she gave away one thing a day for forty days. But what happened during that penitential period surprised her; she became so addicted to identifying unnecessary things in her life that she continued the practice for a full year. Then she began letting go of other baggage—some physical, some emotional—and found that, far from feeling poorer, she felt freer and more fulfilled than ever before. A spiritual place had opened that allowed Susan to unclutter her mind and deepen her faith.

Blessed by Less offers encouragement and inspiration for all who are burdened down by “things” in their homes and hearts but don’t quite know how to begin the process of letting go. Susan includes tips for beginners and challenges for those who’ve been simplifying for years. Rather than making readers feel guilty for all the stuff they’ve accumulated, Susan gently nudges them to see all that they have to gain—physically, emotionally, and most of all spiritually—by living lightly.

Practical from start to finish, Blessed by Less shows how one woman’s journey into a simpler, less cluttered life can also be our journey and how taking a spiritual perspective on the matter can lead to abundant blessings we would have otherwise missed.

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Susan V. Vogt 

Susan Vogt is a speaker, author of five books, and former editor of the Journal of the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers.

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Blessed by Less

Clearing Your Life of Clutter by Living Lightly

Blessed by Less guides readers through the process of uncluttering from a holistic perspective—spiritual, physical, and emotional—so that we can better know what to keep and what to let go. Click here to download the discussion guide for Blessed by Less.

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