For Better, for Worse, for God

For Better, for Worse, for God

Exploring the Holy Mystery of Marriage


In this highly accessible and realistic book on improving marriage, marriage-retreat leader Mary Jo Pedersen guides Catholic couples through a marriage “check-up” that combines the latest social science research on improving marriage with the wisdom of the Christian Tradition.

Throughout For Better, for Worse, for God, Pedersen offers practical steps that couples can take to improve marriage, such as better communication and conflict resolution; an approach to praying together and experiencing spirituality as a couple; a refreshing view of sexuality; and an invitation to a renewed sense of mission as husband and wife. Pedersen ultimately shows that marriage is a call from God and that God’s grace is what makes it possible to face the ups and downs of life together.

Mary Jo Pedersen 

Mary Jo Pedersen is a teacher and author. She conducts workshops and retreats nationally and internationally for couples on marital spirituality.

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For Better, for Worse, for God

Exploring the Holy Mystery of Marriage

For Better, for Worse, for God takes a new perspective on improving marriage. Using spiritual truths, it shows couples how reflection on everyday life is a step toward improving marriage and deepening love for each other and God.

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