A Child’s Bible with a plush figure of Jesus the Teacher

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A Child’s Bible with a plush figure of Jesus the Teacher


Helping Your Child Take Jesus to Heart

In 2011, based on a submission to us by a parent, Loyola Press began developing sacramental preparation kits for children with autism and other special needs. As we discovered the difference these tools were making in the faith lives of children and families, we expanded our offerings, culminating this year with the introduction of a full religious education program for children with special needs.

Loyola Press worked with experts in the field to present faith concepts in concrete ways so children at a variety of levels of development could deepen their faith and spiritual life. The Jesus figure and the rest of the Loyola Learning Tools™ expand the opportunities children have to connect to Our Lord and the Catholic faith, especially children who are kinesthetic and visual learners. The overall design is carefully constructed to provide a sense of security and focus—even the textures of the fabric and face were chosen to help children be more open to learning and making a connection to Jesus. For these reasons, we use the term “plush,” a term that will provide information to those who work with children with sensory considerations, such as children with autism.

While the Jesus figure was designed especially for children with special needs, we also heard from parents and teachers stating that all children would benefit from these visual, moveable, and tactile ways of drawing closer to Jesus. Based on these requests, we began offering this figure to everyone so that any child could develop a closer relationship with Jesus.

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Jesus figure is 12" tall and is for children ages 4+

Your Jesus figure comes with a beautifully illustrated 32-page booklet titled, A Child’s Bible. Vivid colorful illustrations present best-loved stories from the Scriptures and introduce children to key persons from the Old and New Testaments and stories from Jesus’ life on earth.