Jesus Approaches

Jesus Approaches

What Contemporary Women Can Learn about Healing, Freedom & Joy from Women of the New Testament


2018 Catholic Press Association, 3rd Place in Scripture: Popular Studies
2018 Independent Press Award, Distinguished Favorite: Religion Non-Fiction
2019 Best Book Awards, Winner: Religion: Christianity

In Jesus Approaches, Elizabeth Kelly shares vivid stories of New Testament women whose encounters with Jesus freed them to flourish in life. The stories are supplemented with moving accounts from her own life, and from the lives of women like you, to demonstrate that sometimes the best way to find healing, strength, and wholeness in Christ is, ironically, to lead with vulnerability and openness.​


Ultimately, Jesus Approaches teaches that finding the fullness of life for which you were created begins with bringing your brokenness to the Lord.

“Kelly’s approach is very personal and devotional. She shares her own spiritual joys and struggles as she meditates on various women biblical characters.” –Donald Senior, CP, The Bible Today, March 2020 issue

“Kelly is an engaging storyteller who shares deeply personal narratives, both her own as well as those of modern women who have found a deeper relationship with the person of Jesus. Her suggestions for prayers and ideas on which to meditate truly invite the reader to find her own way into a lasting friendship with him.” –Meghan Murphy-Gill, Managing Editor, U.S. Catholic, October 2018 issue

“Reading Jesus Approaches is like listening to a friend as she shares encounters with Christ from the Nativity to His Resurrection. Her descriptions and the stories shared by other women show struggles, yet in Christ they have a very peaceful and calming effect. She describes God’s love for us as warm, as living, as glowing.” –JoAnne Griebel, Catholic Library World, March 2018 issue

Elizabeth M. Kelly 

Elizabeth M. Kelly is an award-winning speaker and the author of six books, including Reasons I Love Being Catholic, which won the Catholic Press Association award in 2007 for Best Popular Presentation of the Faith.

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Jesus Approaches

What Contemporary Women Can Learn about Healing, Freedom & Joy from Women of the New Testament

Vivid stories about women in Scripture—as well as women today—whose encounters with Christ and His Church have freed them to flourish in every way.

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50 Reasons I Love Being Catholic

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A Path into Prayer

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