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One Book, One Parish

Tiered Pricing for One Book, One Parish

(minimum order of 50 copies)

$5 EACH for orders of 50-249 units

$4 EACH for orders of 250-749 units

$3 EACH for orders of 750+ units

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Name Price Quantity
The 15-Minute Prayer Solution $12.95
Embracing the Way of Jesus (paperback) $16.95
Busy Lives & Restless Souls $13.95
A Friendship Like No Other $14.95
Living the Mass $13.95
Vivir la misa $13.95
Mercy in the City $13.95
My Life with the Saints (10th Anniversary Edition) $16.95
Mi vida con los santos $15.95
Positively Catholic $12.95
A Well-Built Faith $9.95
Una fe bien construida $9.95
A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer $9.95
Una oración sencilla que cambia la vida $9.95
  • The 15-Minute Prayer Solution

    How One Percent of Your Day Can Transform Your Life

    Stories and prayer exercises that guide readers into a heightened awareness of God and help them develop spiritual “muscles” in just 15 minutes a day.

  • Embracing the Way of Jesus

    Reflections from Pope Francis on Living Our Faith

    Reflections from Pope Francis on what it really means to be a disciple of Jesus today, and how that identity should guide our every thought and action.

  • Busy Lives & Restless Souls

    How Prayer Can Help You Find the Missing Peace in Your Life

    A young, busy woman offers a fresh Ignatian perspective on how to satisfy our restlessness within by making space for prayer in the midst of a demanding life.

  • A Friendship Like No Other

    Experiencing God’s Amazing Embrace

    Explore the path to becoming a friend of God. Grounded in biblical tradition and Ignatian spirituality, this book offers a fresh approach to becoming a friend of God and understanding this relationship.

  • Living the Mass

    How One Hour a Week Can Change Your Life

    In Living the Mass, Joe Paprocki, DMin, and Fr. Dominic Grassi convincingly show how the one hour spent at Mass on Sunday can truly transform the other 167 hours of the week.

  • Vivir la misa

    Cómo una hora a la semana puede cambiar tu vida

    Explica detallademente cómo cada parte de la misa se relaciona con la llamada que recibimos en el bautismo, poniendo en estrecha relación la misa dominical y el resto de nuestra semana.

  • Mercy in the City

    Mercy in the City

    How to Feed the Hungry, Give Drink to the Thirsty, Visit the Imprisoned, and Keep Your Day Job

    A young, single woman lives a “regular” life amid the daily pressures of New York City while also living a life devoted to service and practicing real works of mercy in a meaningful manner.

  • My Life with the Saints 10th Anniversary

    My Life with the Saints (10th Anniversary Edition)

    This best-selling memoir of spiritual self-discovery is an homage to the Catholic saints who have accompanied Fr. Martin throughout his life. Click here to download the discussion guide for My Life with the Saints.

  • Mi vida con los santos

    En Mi vida con los Santos James Martin, SJ nos presenta una conmovedora experiencia respect a su relación con los Santos—desde María, la madre de Jesús, hasta San Francisco o la Madre Teresa—y la manera personal en la que ha side dirigido por los heroes de la Iglesia a lo largo de toda su vida.

  • Positively Catholic

    Positively Catholic

    25 Really Good Reasons to Love the Faith, Live the Faith, and Share the Faith

    For anyone looking for reasons to be positive about, and encouraged by, the Catholic faith.

  • A Well-Built Faith

    A Catholic’s Guide to Knowing and Sharing What We Believe

    Free Leader Guide Available for Download. In A Well-Built Faith, Joe Paprocki makes it easy for Catholics to feel confident in teaching the Catholic faith. He makes complex teachings of the Catholic faith accessible to average Catholics without compromising Catholic teaching and tradition.

  • Una fe bien construida

    Guia catolica para conocer y compartir lo que creemos

    Guía de líder disponible. Una fe bien construida,—desarrollado con enorme creatividad usando metafóricamente el tema de la construcción— facilita enormemente a los católicos el conocimiento de su fe y les da seguridad al momento de compartirla.

  • A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer

    Discovering the Power of St. Ignatius Loyola’s Examen

    Break through the prayer barrier with Jim Manney’s simple yet profound form of praying in A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer.

  • Una oración sencilla que cambia la vida

    Descubriendo el poder del Examen Diario de san Ignacio de Loyola

    Jim Manney presenta a los cristianos una forma de oración que existe desde hace 500 años y que cambió drásticamente la forma en que él reza y la manera en que “ve” la vida.