The Effective Catechetical Leader series

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ECL Series

The Effective Catechetical Leader series (also available in Spanish), developed in conjunction with the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership and written by some of the top catechetical leaders in the country, is the only series to encompass all the various aspects of catechetical leadership. This series provides the practical skills, strategies, and approaches that ensure successful parish faith formation in an evangelizing manner, which leads directly to a vibrant Church.

Annotated Tables of Contents:

Click here to download detailed Tables of Contents for all six books in The Effective Catechetical Leader series.

Click here to download correlations from the original Effective DRE Skills series to The Effective Catechetical Leader series.

Click here to download correlations from The Effective Catechetical Leader series to the original Effective DRE Skills series.

The ECL app 

The ECL app puts wisdom and practical help in the palm of your hand. Drawn directly from the six books of The Effective Catechetical Leader series, the ECL app provides an opportunity for catechetical leaders to center themselves spiritually each day, focus on specific pastoral issues, and identify go-to strategies for meeting the challenges of serving as an effective catechetical leader.

Available for iOS and Android devices.


Each book in The Effective Catechetical Leader series comes with 10 worksheets, one per chapter, to help you put into practice what you are learning. Simply enter your information below and you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download the worksheets.

Training Presentations

Each book in The Effective Catechetical Leader series comes with a training presentation. These training presentations will help you turn what you’re learning into practice, but also assist others in honing their skills as catechetical leaders. Please enter your information below to receive an mail with instructions on how to download these free training presentations.

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Name Price Quantity
Called by Name $13.95
Cultivating Your Catechists $13.95
All God’s People $13.95
Catechetical Leadership $13.95
Developing Disciples of Christ $13.95
Excellence in Ministry $13.95
  • Called by Name

    Preparing Yourself for the Vocation of Catechetical Leader

    This book focuses on what catechetical leaders need to be, as opposed to what they need to know or do, if they are to lead effectively.

  • Cultivating Your Catechists

    How to Recruit, Encourage and Retain Successful Catechists

    This book teaches catechetical leaders how to recruit, train, support, inspire, supervise, evaluate, and retain catechists in their parishes.

  • All God’s People

    Effective Catechesis in a Diverse Church

    This book considers the wide variety of people to be catechized and offers strategies for catechetical leaders to engage all of them in life-giving formation.

  • Catechetical Leadership

    What It Should Look Like, How It Should Work, and Whom It Should Serve

    This book closely examines the specific leadership skills and competencies that are necessary for a catechetical leader to be effective in a parish setting.

  • Developing Disciples of Christ

    Understanding the Critical Relationship between Catechesis and Evangelization

    This book centers on the inseparability of evangelism and catechesis, and gives catechetical leaders a proper understanding of their interconnectedness.

  • Excellence in Ministry

    Best Practices for Successful Catechetical Leadership

    This book shares time-tested skills and strategies for successful catechetical leadership, while also identifying and proposing new approaches to leadership.