Chicken Sunday

Chicken Sunday

Pray Me a Story Kit - Series 1


The Pray Me a Story series uses popular children’s books as a springboard for entering into imaginative prayer. Pray Me a Story is designed for use by catechists, religion teachers, parents, grandparents—anyone who prays with children of any age.

This kit includes the hardcover book Chicken Sunday and an 8-page booklet to guide the adult with step-by-step instructions on how to share and discuss the story. After hearing the story, the child is gently guided into the scene to meet Jesus and prayerfully speak to him as one friend speaks to another.

Chicken Sunday is a story about two brothers and their best friend Patricia. They want to do something nice for Eula Mae, the boys’ grandmother, who makes the most wonderful chicken dinner for them every Sunday after church. The three set out to earn extra money to buy her an Easter hat and are mistakenly accused of vandalism. The children must find a way to make it right with the store owner. As children listen to the story, they are asked to think about the people they love and how that love touches others as well.