Quickening the Fire in Our Midst: Diocesan Priests


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Quickening the Fire in Our Midst

The Challenge of Diocesan Priestly Spirituality


In the United States, the diocesan priesthood is facing a crisis. The number of priests and priestly candidates is declining, and active priests are becoming overwhelmed by the burden of enormous expectations. George Aschenbrenner, a Jesuit priest who has devoted many years to spiritual development, addresses this burgeoning crisis while offering encouragement and support to diocesan priests as they live out their call.

Quickening the Fire in Our Midst identifies the problems facing the diocesan priesthood and differentiates it from other vocations in the church. Emphasizing the unique gifts and role of the diocesan priest, Aschenbrenner helps readers to better understand their distinctive place in the church and offers direction, hope, and a path to spiritual renewal.

George A. Aschenbrenner, SJ 

George A. Aschenbrenner, SJ, is the rector of the Jesuit community at the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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Quickening the Fire in Our Midst

The Challenge of Diocesan Priestly Spirituality

In the U.S. the number of priest and priestly candidates is declining. Aschenbrenner addresses this crisis while offering support to diocesan priests and helps them better understand their distinctive place in the church.

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