2019: A Book of Grace-Filled Days

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2019: A Book of Grace-Filled Days


A vibrant prayer life unfolds when we regularly open ourselves to inspiration and God’s grace. 2019: A Book of Grace-Filled Days provides a daily prayer experience to help us build and nurture our faith.

Beginning with the start of the church year in Advent 2018 and continuing through the 2019 calendar year, this daily devotional notes major feast days, saint commemorations, and holidays. Each page combines readings from the Scripture of the day with reflections to provide a few minutes of solace for quiet prayer and meditation. 2019: A Book of Grace-Filled Days ​is an accessible and insightful way to deepen our connection to God’s loving presence and fill each day with grace.​​

Available in Spanish.

Margaret Felice 

Margaret Felice is an educator, writer, and musician. She teaches religion and music at Boston College High School, and her writing on spirituality and the arts has been published in numerous magazines and online journals. Trained as a classical singer, she is an active performer and music minister. She lives in Boston with her husband, journalist Robert Goulston. ​

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2019: A Book of Grace-Filled Days

2019: A Book of Grace-Filled Days provides a concise and structured way to listen to God's voice every day of the year.

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