Living the Sacraments for $5 each

Living the Sacraments for $5 each

Available for $5 each when you purchase 15 or more copies!

In Living the Sacraments, Joe Paprocki explains a very important aspect of the sacraments: they are gateways to a fulfilling relationship with God, not isolated rites of passage.

Explore the seven sacraments with Joe Paprocki in Living the Sacraments, which the Midwest Book Review describes as, “extraordinary and unreservedly recommended reading for clergy and lay members alike.”

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Living the Sacraments $11.95
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  • Living the Sacraments

    Finding God at the Intersection of Heaven and Earth

    Free Discussion Guide Available for Download. Joe Paprocki demystifies the Catholic sacraments and presents them as a way of life to be experienced each day, rather than as standalone events.

  • Vivir los sacramentos

    Encontrar a Dios en la intersección de cielo y tierra

    Joe Paprocki desmitifica los sacramentos de la Iglesia Católica, presentándolos no como eventos independientes sino como una forma de vida que se ha de experimentar cada día.