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Find the peace you’re looking for by creating sanctuary in your own home and discovering how “just being” for a while can have a dramatic and positive impact on your daily life. Make room for the grace of peace and calm in your own life with the help of inspirational speaker and landscape designer Terry Hershey’s wisdom.

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Sanctuary $16.95
The Power of Pause (paperback) $12.95
  • Sanctuary

    Creating a Space for Grace in Your Life

    With practical ideas and his signature conversational tone, Hershey illustrates that sanctuary is not a fad or lifestyle upheaval; rather it’s a way to approach and embrace your daily life through a lens of grace, freedom, and contentedness.

  • The Power of Pause

    Becoming More by Doing Less

    In The Power of Pause, Terry Hershey counters the cultural decree that says slowing down is not an option if we want to lead a fulfilling life.