Are You Hungry?

A Reflection by Fr Steven Bell

We know when the body hungers, we must eat. But what do we do when our heart, mind, and spirit hunger?

Not attending to what we truly hunger for can lead us down the wrong path where we feed the wrong part of ourselves—like overeating when our heart hungers for true love or over-buying when our spirit longs for true meaning.

This can also happen when we aren’t sure how to feed our hunger, or when we’re afraid to feed what hungers. Our true hungers continue.

This Lent, take time to courageously discover what part of you really longs to be fed. Don’t be tempted by fear, avoidance, or the unknown. Let Jesus’ words take you to a deeper awareness of your hungers, and let the Word be a nourishing guide."

Fr Steven Bell

Fr Steven Bell

Fr. Steven Bell is the associate director of Busted Halo, a network and ministry for young adult spiritual seekers dedicated to creating a responsive and engaging community where people can discuss the intersection of faith, culture, politics and life.

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