Easter Vigil: 3-Minute Retreat

A Reflection by Sr. Camille DArienzo

Sr. Camille D’Arienzo shares her reflection on today’s retreat:

The prophet Isaiah encourages us to come to God heedfully so that by listening we may have life.

“Heedfully” seems a relic from an earlier age, but it wisely suggests an attentiveness vital to our spiritual lives to prevent being deafened by the unrelenting barrage of messages that invade our senses daily.

No liturgy has more valuable lessons than those in the Easter Vigil. They span salvation history, as we wait in darkness for Resurrection’s light.

Who could blame us if our minds drift to the loving gifts Jesus left us—the Eucharist to nourish us and the washing of feet to model affectionate service for those soiled and weary from life’s journey?

And who could blame those among us whose thoughts escape to the message the newly named Pope Francis projected when he pushed aside the ermine trimmed, long red robe, offered him, saying, “Wear it yourself. Carnival is over!”

Sr. Camille DArienzo

Sr. Camille DArienzo

Sr. Camille D?Arienzo is a Sister of Mercy who has ministered in Catholic elementary schools and public colleges.

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