Directors, Principals & Pastors

Directors, Principals & Pastors

Each child is unique with his or her own special talents and abilities. When a child has special needs, it’s even more important to teach to a child’s strengths. Recognizing a child’s uniqueness sometimes requires modifications to typical learning situations.

Adaptive Finding God provides the ample support and a variety of tools and resources to guide DREs and Program Coordinators in developing, facilitating, and implementing a successful program that encourages ALL children and families to participate in their faith.

The online resources for DREs and Program Coordinators include

  • Getting Started information, such as Scope and Sequence charts, questionnaires for catechists and parents, welcome letters, and responsibility memos.

  • Training support, such as orientation outlines for two-hour or full-day sessions, support guides, and a thorough training video.

  • Forms and Checklists, such as sign-in sheets, agenda frames, parent group meeting guidelines, and evaluation forms.

Get started with Finding God – Adaptive Program.

Catechists and teachers can access many online resources for the Finding God – Adaptive Program program simply by logging-in and entering their Program Access Code. 

View this short video to see how.

Please note: An access code is required to view these resources. Please contact your educational consultant for more information.