Learning to Listen 3 Minute Retreat
Learning to Listen

Margaret Silf shares her reflection on today’s retreat:

‘Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.’—1 Samuel 3:10

Life makes constant demands on us. Other people make demands on us, calling us first one way then another. We often live in reactive mode, simply trying to juggle these demands and respond to what others are asking of us. Perhaps Samuel felt like this. Once again Eli seemed to have called him from his rest. But Eli knows better. Long years of listening to God have trained his inner ears to distinguish between what comes from human sources and what comes from God. The secret is in the listening. Our hearts can listen continually, even in our sleep.

Margaret Silf

Margaret is passionate about making Christian spirituality, and especially Ignatian spirituality, accessible to people with no theological background. She travels widely as a speaker and retreat director.

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