Our Mission


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Our Mission

Our Mission.

At Loyola Press, we help all people find God in all things. Everything we do is “for the greater honor and glory of God.” This phrase is the motto of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and flows from Saint Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises. This classical set of spiritual practices leads those who engage in them to a highly prayerful and active spirituality in the Catholic tradition. The whole aim of the exercises is to guide the seeker toward an inner freedom that allows a wholehearted yes to a life in God. We understand the power of the written word, of image, of media in nurturing a vibrant relationship with God and others—so we see our mission as a “noble cause,” and we work diligently each day to accomplish our goals.

Our Mission Statement: In the spirit of Saint Ignatius of Loyola who points us always to personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and in response to those we serve, we create books and multi-media products that facilitate transformative experiences of God so that people of all ages can lead holy and purposeful lives with and for others.

Faith. Dedication. Excellence. 
We publish in faith—faith in Christ, faith in the Church, faith in humankind.
Dedication: We are dedicated to providing highly effective and engaging books and media of unsurpassed quality.
Excellence: We continue the Jesuit tradition of excellence and service through the quality of the resources we create and by being people for others.