Enjoy God's Goodness

A Reflection by Mike Lorenzo

For a long time, my faith was just about going through the motions: show up on Sunday, sit, kneel, sit, kneel, and then get on with the rest of my week. Repeat. Then I encountered God in Adoration and experienced his love in a real and personal way. Now I began to look at God as more than just a character in a story but a real presence in my life. Suddenly I wanted to have an active faith, to see God in Mass and in my everyday life. No more going through the motions.

Psalm 27 talks about the “land of the living.” I used to think of that as something reserved for Heaven, something that regular people couldn’t attain. I was so wrong! I now decide everyday to let God lead me, and when I do that, I always enjoy it,even when the day isn’t perfect. The worst days in my life now are so much better than the times before I knew God, because I know God has a plan for me.

Making a decision to activate my faith and see God in my life has brought with it a peace that guides every decision I make. Why not take some time today and think about what you can do to better enjoy God?

Mike Lorenzo

Mike Lorenzo

Mike Lorenzo is a proud convert to Catholicism, a passionate speaker, and a musician.

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