Love as Jesus Loves

A Reflection by Lisa Mladinich

How do we love one another as God loves us? I have to laugh, because it seems like a trick question. We all know we can’t love as God loves. And besides, we just can’t find anybody who deserves to be loved like that, right? Be honest.

We try. But when you think about it, sharing in God’s life for all eternity is an unattainable gift for us. And it hurts to admit that God’s love for us is totally undeserved. It’s kind of embarrassing…yet, there it is. He does love us. Right now, as we are.

And because it is His will to reach out and lift His struggling children to His heart, our little efforts are accepted like wildflowers crushed in a toddler’s hand, and sighed over like treasures. So, here’s my proposal: if it is so easy to please Him, let’s allow others to please us. Let’s give them all a break. And love them WILDLY.

 Lisa Mladinich

Lisa Mladinich

Lisa Mladinich is a columnist for Patheos, a website for faith communities, a catechist and workshop leader, an author, and founder of Catholic Writers of Long Island and two catechist websites.

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