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Fundación Ramón Pané 

The Ramón Pané Foundation takes its name from one of the greatest figures in the evangelization of America. It was founded in 1994 in honor and memory of Ramón Pané, who is considered to be the first missionary to America. It is an international group of Catholics whose mission is to help all the dioceses, Episcopal Conferences, and Catholic organizations in educational, missionary, and spiritual training. Its main office is in Tegucigalpa, Honduras,​ and it has an office in Miami, USA. For more information about ​FRP’s mission and work, go to

Books by Fundación Ramón Pané

God with Us

The Story of Jesus as Told by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

God with Us relays Jesus’ story in chronological order and in modern language so that you will better understand Jesus’ language of love and be inspired to follow his teachings.

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