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Joellyn Cicciarelli 

Joellyn Cicciarelli

Joellyn Cicciarelli is President of Loyola Press. With over 20 years of experience, she has developed award-winning literacy and faith formation curriculum for early childhood through high school, including a preschool curriculum titled “The InvestiGator Club ­Pre-k Learning System”. Most recently, she was the architect of Loyola Press’ “Adaptive Finding God”. Cicciarelli also served as editor for the TV series “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood” and “Jay Jay the Jet Plane”.

Articles by Joellyn Cicciarelli

  • First Eucharist

    I have been thinking about my son’s big day, his first Holy Communion. How can I make the day of his First Communion special? How can I extend his sense of sacramental awe and wonder beyond that first special moment?

Books by Joellyn Cicciarelli

Leo’s Gift

View activities. A shy six-year-old boy overcomes his self-doubt to discover that he has a beautiful gift to share with the world – just in time for Christmas!

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