Author Biography - Kevin O Brien SJ


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Kevin O'Brien, SJ 

Kevin O’Brien, S

Kevin O’Brien, SJ, is a former lawyer who became a Jesuit nearly 15 years ago. He regularly conducts spiritual retreats for the young and old alike. An experienced high school and college teacher, he currently serves as the President at Santa Clara University.

Books by Kevin O'Brien, SJ

La aventura ignaciana

Cómo vivir los Ejercicios Espirituales de san Ignacio de Loyola en el día a día

En La aventura ignaciana, Kevin O’Brien, SJ, ofrece su propia adaptación de la muy utilizada decimonovena anotación, que permite hacer los Ejercicios Espirituales de san Ignacio de Loyola a lo largo de un periodo de tiempo más extenso y en el transcurso de la vida cotidiana.

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The Ignatian Adventure

Experiencing the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius in Daily Life

In The Ignatian Adventure, Kevin O’Brien, SJ, offers 32 weeks of prayer and meditations to draw people into a deeper encounter with God in the midst of their busy lives. O’Brien also shares personal stories throughout the book to show how Ignatian spirituality continually intersects with the real world.

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