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Marlene Halpin, O.P. 


Marlene Halpin is a teacher, spiritual director, Dominican sister, author, lecturer, and director of the ministry formation program in the Diocese of Kalamazoo, Michigan. She teaches both children and adults how to pray, which gives her a range of people who willingly answer her question, "How do you pray?" 189 Ways to Contact God is a result of the many responses she has collected through the years.

Articles by Marlene Halpin, O.P.

Books by Marlene Halpin, O.P.

189 Ways to Contact God

Find the prayer starters that work for you!

This is a book about how to pray, offering 189 suggestions that can jump-start your prayer life.

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The Ball of Red String

A Guided Meditation for Children

A lifelong teacher, popular speaker, and prolific author, Marlene Halpin, O.P., is one of today's foremost leaders in teaching children to pray. This book is the perfect starting point.

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