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Michael Leach 

Michael Leach

Michael Leach, dubbed "the dean of Catholic book publishing" by U.S. Catholic, recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Catholic Book Publishers Association. He is the author or editor of seven books, including the best seller I like Being Catholic.

Michael Leach is well-known in Catholic book publishing. Within a 30 year span, Michael has been past president and publisher of the Crossroad/Continuum Publishing Group. He has also served as president of the Catholic Book Publishers Association. He is currently executive director at Orbis Books.

Michael Leach's recent book Why Stay Catholic? discusses Catholic questions, Catholic answers, and provides reasons to be Catholic. The book allows the reader to experience joy, hope, peace, and re-assurance. Michael lives in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Books by Michael Leach

Why Stay Catholic?

Unexpected Answers to a Life-Changing Question

Why Stay Catholic? by Michael Leach is an uplifting book about what's right in the Catholic Church today, and why tomorrow offers such hope and promise.

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Positively Catholic

25 Really Good Reasons to Love the Faith, Live the Faith, and Share the Faith

For anyone looking for reasons to be positive about, and encouraged by, the Catholic faith.

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