Author Biography - Ron Wooten-Green


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Ron Wooten-Green 


Ron Wooten-Green is a hospice chaplain with Hospice Preferred Choice, Inc., in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and is adjunct faculty at Iowa Western Community College and Creighton University. He is a board certified chaplain through the National Association of Catholic Chaplains. As a freelance writer he has published in such journals as Liguorian, Our Family, America, Vision, and Harvest. Ron has taught Political Science in the Pennsylvania State College and University system, and worked for the Catholic dioceses of Cheyenne and Omaha as director of adult religious education. He lives in Omaha, Nebraska.

Books by Ron Wooten-Green

When the Dying Speak

How to Listen to and Learn from Those Facing Death

People who are dying often see and hear things that the living do not. Wooten-Green stresses the importance of listening to and learning from those at the end of their earthly journeys.

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