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Susan V. Vogt 

Susan V. Vogt

Susan Vogt is a speaker, author of five books, and former editor of the Journal of the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers. For over 30 years, Susan has worked in family ministry for the Catholic Church. Susan and her husband have worked with ecumenical and social justice organizations including Parenting for Peace and Justice. Susan is married, has four children, and lives in Covington, Kentucky.

Articles by Susan V. Vogt

Books by Susan V. Vogt

Blessed by Less

Clearing Your Life of Clutter by Living Lightly

Blessed by Less guides readers through the process of uncluttering from a holistic perspective—spiritual, physical, and emotional—so that we can better know what to keep and what to let go. Click here to download the discussion guide for Blessed by Less.

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Raising Kids Who Will Make a Difference

Helping Your Family Live with Integrity, Value Simplicity, and Care for Others

This unique guide aids parents in raising kids to make positive contributions to the world.

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