Author Biography - Tom Quinlan


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Tom Quinlan 

Tom QuinlanTom Quinlan

Tom Quinlan was a parish DRE and has served as a diocesan catechetical director since 2001. He holds a Masters of Divinity from University of St. Mary of the Lake. Tom has been active in NCCL, including as a board member. A strong voice for evangelizing catechesis, Tom does conference presentations and consultation work across the country. He and his family live in the Chicago area.​

Books by Tom Quinlan

Excelencia en el ministerio

Las mejores prácticas para un liderazgo catequético exitoso

Desde los presupuestos hasta las evaluaciones, este libro comparte destrezas, estrategias y nuevos métodos probados para un liderazgo catequético exitoso.

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Excellence in Ministry

Best Practices for Successful Catechetical Leadership

This book shares time-tested skills and strategies for successful catechetical leadership, while also identifying and proposing new approaches to leadership.

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