Catechist Guide

Catechist Guide

Flexible, comprehensive, and easy to use, comprehensive Catechist Guides for Grades K–8 drive meaningful and engaging sessions. Suggested scripting, preparation pages, and a predictable structure support catechists of every experience level. The Catechist Guide utilizes the Engage, Explore, Reflect, Respond teaching model.

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It’s simple for catechists to help nurture children’s faith and bring essential faith lessons to life with the Encontrando a Dios/Finding God Kindergarten Catechist Guide. Even first-time catechists and teachers will find the book easy to use and full of supportive teaching tips.

Beyond the Catechist Guide, there are many additional fully integrated resources to help catechists present the lesson in ways that will reach all children’s hearts and minds:

  • Dramatized Scripture Stories bring the Bible to life.
  • Recorded guided reflections lead children into prayerful encounters with Jesus.
  • Vocal and reflective music provide musical inspiration in English and Spanish.
  • Jesus the Teacher, a plush figure included with the Guide, helps children relate more intimately to the words and stories of Jesus.
  • Exploring Faith Through Art uses fine prints to creatively engage children’s faith through historical and modern works of art (sold separately).
  • Online resources—such as the Activity Finder, Prayer Services, Reproducible Worksheets, Assessments, and more—make session preparation a snap.

Grades 1-6

Each easy-to-use bilingual guide includes complete catechetical background, clear plans, step-by-step support, tips for coaching children how to pray, inclusion modifications, and additional activities. Catechists and teachers of all experience levels are fully supported with all the guidance and tools to bring faith to live for children.

Included with each Catechist Guide, the bilingual Catechist Media Manual provides access to hundreds of pieces of Spanish- and English-language multimedia content for each session, including videos, interactives, music, guided reflections, dramatized Bible stories, interactive reviews, and more!

Catechist Guide kits include Spanish- and English-language posters and an abundance of digital resources accessed through your LP Digital Library including:

  • Reproducible Worksheets
  • Reproducible Assessments
  • Lessons Plans
  • Prayer Services
  • Catechist and Parent Orientations
  • and more!

Grades 7-8

Helping you reach a group of young people who are at a unique time of growth in their lives, Encontrando a Dios/Finding God for Grades 7-8 offers effective teaching methods to instill the practice of thoughtful prater and share the full and authentic teachings of the Catholic Church.


  • Audio tracks including dramatized Scripture stories, guided reflections, and reflective music (English only)
  • Posters featuring relevant topics and beautiful visuals
  • Reproducible worksheets, including assessments and activities