Digital Resources

Catechists and Teachers

Encontrando a Dios/Finding God Bilingual digital resources are designed to help you in your planning and teaching. Don’t miss out on these helpful tools!

  • Reproducible Worksheets: Easy to download and print worksheets available at your fingertips
  • Lesson Planner: Lesson plans in an easy to edit format
  • Prayer Services: Printable prayer service PDFs for every unit and season
  • Activity Finder: A search-friendly way to find hundreds of activities for every grade level, grouping, and learner
  • Session Extenders: Helpful Loyola Press web links to articles, prayers, activities, and more
  • App: Provides access to multimedia and instructor specific resources from Grades 7 and 8.

Directors and Principals

A wealth of resources support and enhance the program offering Directors of Religious Education and Principals tools to involve the whole faith community.

  • Family E-newsletters: Posted online for easy reading and distribution
  • Intergenerational Events Kit: Skit scripts and support pieces for parishes and schools that wish to use the alternative unit openers by holding intergenerational events
  • App: Provides access to multimedia and director specific resources for Grades 7 and 8

Children and Families

Fostering faith at home has never been easier. Kids can actively learn or review important concepts. Parents are supported with practical tools available on

  • Finding God At-Home Edition: For home-school families or for long absences due to illness or vacation. Now families can complete the program with lessons adapted for the home.
  • Online Games: An entertaining and educational way to reinforce content individually or in groups.
  • Interactive Session Reviews: Important concepts that correlate to the session assessments are presented to reinforce retention and improve comprehension.
  • Study Guides: Help children review content for each session.
  • App: Provides access to multimedia from Grades 7 and 8.
  • Glossaries in English and Spanish: A definition for every vocabulary word in the program.