Harwood Mysteries Activities


Travel to medieval England through the Harwood Mysteries. This series of exciting middle-school adventures features a boy named Xan and his friends. Online games and word puzzles accompany each book in the series to help readers understand life in an abbey and the surrounding villages of Xan’s world.

Harwood Abbey Floor Plan Quiz

Use the floorplan of an abbey at the front of Book 1, Shadow in the Dark, to help in labeling the parts of an abbey.

The Haunted Cathedral Crossword Puzzle

Use the glossary at the end of Book 2, The Haunted Cathedral, to solve a crossword puzzle.

The Fire of Eden Word Search

Find terms from the glossary at the end of Book 3, The Fire of Eden, in a word search.

The Merchant’s Curse Word Scramble

Unscramble terms from the glossary at the end of Book 4, The Merchant’s Curse.

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