Helping Children Develop Their Gifts

Watching our children grow in their gifts and talents is one of our great joys as parents.


Here are four things you can do to help your child discover and develop his or her special, God-given gifts:

1. Expose children to a range of stimuli and experiences.

Read books, play music, provide art supplies, and surround them with toys that combine fun with a challenge.

2. Be alert for special interests.

Most child-development experts say that the “globally gifted” child is largely a myth. Some children will show an intense interest in one or two areas—music, art, math, writing, or other fields. This can indicate a special talent.

3. Challenge—but be realistic.

Children develop their skills when adults set high standards, but they can be demoralized by unrealistic expectations. It’s important to strike a balance.

4. Pray for your child’s development.

Prayer helps keep things in perspective. God is present in your family and in your child’s life. It’s not all up to you.