Keep Family Life a Priority

6 ways to leave the stress of work behind


As much as people like to complain about their jobs, most people feel positively about the work they do. Nonetheless, work can be so demanding that we can’t leave it behind at the end of the day and simply enjoy being home. Here are some tips on sharing your on-the-job experiences with family members without letting work get in the way of family life.

1. Save some of your imagination and creativity for your family.

Life as a family is a great adventure that gets better as you put more positive energy into it.

2. When you leave work, leave the work behind.

Don’t replay the events of the day imagining what you should have said or done. Focus on the moment and enjoy the blessings of family life.

3. Be multidimensional.

You are more than your job. Make sure that you cultivate each part of your life—home, parish, work, community, and self.

4. Share stories about work with your family.

Doing so will help your family to understand a major part of your life and will show your children how to be persons of character on the job.

5. Treat your family members with respect.

You treat coworkers professionally and respectfully. Why shouldn’t your family benefit from that same treatment at home?

6. Practice teamwork.

Don’t try to be super-mom or super-dad at home. Ask your family members for better ways of handling situations. Share responsibility and welcome participation in both the chores and the fun of family life.