Blessing the Christmas Ornaments

An Advent Activity for Your Family


Each Christmas ornament tells a story and carries a blessing. To counter the typical frantic rush of the season, let the Christmas tree stand bare for a week and then bless the ornaments while placing them on the tree. This is a good way to observe how Advent is a time of anticipation and longing.

Have each family member choose a favorite ornament and hold it. Select someone or ask someone to volunteer in leading the following blessing.

Leader: God, we ask you to bless these ornaments. Each one of these represents a thread in the tapestry of our family's life together. We gather today to be mindful of how you have been present with us through all our days. We know that you are present with us now as our family story continues to unfold. Help us to see one another as precious and dear, to treat one another with tenderness and care, and to enjoy and celebrate the joy that each one of us brings to the family. We ask you this in a spirit of memory and celebration.

All: Amen.

(After the blessing, your family might take time to share stories connected to some favorite ornaments.)