Blessing the Family Christmas Tree


Blessing the Family Christmas Tree

Before Christianity came to be, trees that remained green all year round warded off evil spirits and were special to people during the winter. It wasn’t until the sixteenth century in Germany that trees were brought inside and decorated. When does the Christmas tree go up in your home or parish? Continue the tradition by gathering together and blessing this special symbol.

You may bless the tree as soon as you put it up, or you can wait until after you have decorated it. When you are ready to do the blessing, gather everyone around the tree and designate someone to lead the following prayer.

You will need water or holy water (if available) to celebrate this blessing.

Leader: Loving God, we stand before you once again. We stand here ready to celebrate the birth of your son, Jesus.

(Have everyone extend a hand in a gesture of blessing. Sprinkle water or holy water on the tree while praying the following prayer.)

Leader: Bless this tree, this sign of life and freshness and perseverance in our midst. It stands as a reminder that you are born anew in us each day. Bless our family and friends as we celebrate this joyous season. Keep us safe in our travels, kind in our conversations, and gracious in our giving and receiving. We ask you this in confidence, because we know you love us.

All: Amen.

(Join in singing a favorite Christmas carol, such as “O Christmas Tree” or “Joy to the World.”)