Find the Story Behind the Christmas Stories

How Themes from Popular Yuletide Tales Mirror Jesus' Birth


Children enjoy hearing Christmas stories this time of year. Help them notice how the stories usually echo themes and values of the Bible’s account of how a great king of humble origins exalts the lowly, confounds the powerful, and brings salvation.

The Polar Express
A train full of children is taken on a magical ride to the North Pole to meet Santa Clause who selects one child to whom to present the first present of Christmas.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
When strong, powerful reindeer run into serious trouble, a lowly reindeer saves the day. This completely unexpected turn of events brings great joy to the world.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
Protesting the commercialization of Christmas, Charlie Brown buys a pathetic-looking, real Christmas tree. He is mocked for it, but Charlie and his friends learn the real meaning of Christmas when Linus tells the story of Jesus’ birth.

The Little Drummer Boy
A boy of humble origins grows to hate people after his family is killed and he is betrayed. His life begins to change when he meets the Magi and follows them to Bethlehem. Finally, when the boy encounters the Christ Child, he learns how to let go of hatred and embrace the true spirit of Christmas.