If God were in charge of the Mother's Day celebration, what would it be like?


1. It would be on a weekday, and every mother could stay home with her children, join in their play, read them stories, teach them about life—and all of that without losing income.

2. Every mother would have a community around her to help out, give encouragement and advice, and remind mom that her love is good and true and praised by the angels.

3. Every workplace would hand out bonuses to employees who had children in appreciation for their willingness to share their strength and wisdom with the rest of the world. Anyone who can deal well with children and teenagers should probably help run the country.

4. Friends and loved ones would gather around each mother and give thanks to God for her gifts of nurturing, teaching, and protection. They would also lift up to God the holy calling of motherhood, thanking God for the vocation and thanking their mom for embracing it so bravely.

If God were in charge of the Mother’s Day celebration, we wouldn’t even need the greeting cards.

This year, show Mom your love with books of encouragement and support.