3 Easy Ways to Celebrate Father's Day Every Day


As Father's Day draws near, take a few moments to think about what it means for you, as a parent, to love your kids. Many parents get caught up in the whirlwind of after school activities, planning for fun-filled vacations, working hard to save for their future, and buying things that bring smiles to their faces.

While these actions spring from a heart filled with love, there are three very simple ways to love your kids that make a difference everyday:

1. Tell your kids you love them.

Tell your kids you love them by actually saying the words—all the time. One of the ways kids learn best is through repetition. Saying “I love you” to them several times a day will help them know and trust that you really do love them.

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2. Love your kids by listening to them.

Turn off the TV, get off the computer, and spend at least ten meaningful minutes each day listening closely to your son or daughter. Find out what made him or her feel happy or bad during the day, and what he or she is thinking about right now. Give your children the gifts of your time and your ear. It’s important for children to know that you belong just to them for at least a little bit each day.

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3. Remind your kids that there is someone who loves them even more than you do.

Tell them how much Jesus loves them—and keep on telling them. It’s essential that kids be reminded of this amazing love on a daily basis. Knowing that they are beloved children of God will assure them that they not only have a special place in your family, they have an even more special place in God’s family.

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Keep on doing whatever those “big” things are that you do to show your kids you love them, but don’t overlook the “little” things that show your love for them. After all, the little things ARE the big things.