Jesus Cures the Man Born Blind


WST Heilung des Blindgeborenen

The following reflection is based on John 9:1–41.


The man born blind washed the mud from his eyes in the pool called Siloam, which means “the one who is sent.” How is Jesus a pool to wash the mud from your eyes so that you might see?

As soon as the man could see, his life became very difficult. People wondered whether he was the same man. Has the restoration of your sight so changed you that others are surprised at the transformation?

So much fear seems to surround the restoration of the man’s sight. What fears do I now have about seeing clearly who Jesus is and what choices I must make to be with him?

The grace will come when I acknowledge that my eyes have been opened. Others may not want to believe I can see, but I know I can only keep repeating it, to myself and to them. I may experience rejection by some for claiming this new vision, but in the Light, I can see clearly the one who has healed me, and I give him thanks and praise.

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This is from Praying Lent by Andy Alexander, SJ, and Maureen McCann Waldron.