Celebrate Eucharist

The Feast of Corpus Christi


Every Mass is a commemoration of Jesus’ Last Supper and a proclamation and participation on this mystery. Because we can sometimes get lost in the routine each Sunday, the feast of Corpus Christi helps us focus once again on what we are called to do at Mass.

Parishes celebrate the feast day in a variety of ways but regardless of the activity, its purpose is the same:

  • To remember the night on which Christ celebrated his Last Supper, and during which he shared his own Body and Blood with his friends
  • To proclaim and participate in the Eucharist as a mystery at the heart of the Catholic faith, as the source and summit of our lives as disciples of Christ
  • The Feast of Corpus Christi reminds us that at every Mass, we are called to:
    • CELEBRATE what we believe. We express our faith in the risen Christ, who gave his life for us out of love.
    • LIVE what we believe. We give witness to the risen Christ by our way of life.
    • BECOME what we receive. We become Christlike, so that others might see in us and in what we do the one who gave his life for us.

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