Activity Center: John the Baptist

Intergenerational Event—Advent: Waiting for Jesus Christ


In this Activity Center, a presenter will give a brief talk on John the Baptist and introduce a short skit about his ministry. Afterwards, participants will share a snack of “grasshoppers” and “honey”!

Download John the Baptist Leader Guide
To print: 1 copy for leader
Document: 3 pages

Download John the Baptist Script
To print: 4 copies
Document: 1 page

Download John the Baptist Family Handout
To print: 1 per attendee
Document: 3 pages

The first download is a Leader Guide that gives step-by-step instructions for the activity presenter. The second is a script for the actors in the skit. Finally, the third contains three family handouts: a song sheet, a recipe for grasshopper cookies, and a John the Baptist coloring page.

In addition to the presenter, you will need three actors for the skit: John the Baptist, a tax collector, and a soldier. Recruit your actors well ahead of time so that they can rehearse. The actors should memorize their lines. Distribute copies of the script handout to actors as soon as possible. Consider asking high-school-age parishioners to be your actors.

Suggested Costumes

  • For each actor: 48" long belt of rope, twine, or fabric. Tunics cut from 18" × 72" fabric rectangle folded in half lengthwise with 9" - 10" slit cut in the middle of fold for head.
  • John the Baptist: use a camel-colored fabric and/or an animal print.
  • Tax Collector: hang a bag of coins from his belt.
  • Soldier: you can use brown vinyl to simulate leather. Make a sword and/or shield out of cardboard and cover it with aluminum foil.

Prepare or have volunteers prepare grasshopper cookies using one of the methods on the cookie handout. When serving the cookies, you have the option of giving participants a copy of the cookie recipe. Serve the grasshoppers with honey-colored apple juice. (You may also want to provide coffee or tea for non-honey-drinkers!)

Set up a space where children can color the John the Baptist coloring page. You will need crayons or markers and sufficient copies of the coloring page. Alternatively, you could include the coloring page in the Take-Home Kit.