Activity Center: Family Cross

Intergenerational Event—Getting to the Heart of Lent


Adults and children will design and decorate a family cross for use in the home prayer center.

Download Family Cross Handout
To print: 1 per family
Document: 3 pages
This download contains three resources for this activity. First, there is a family handout that discusses the history and significance of the cross in Catholic tradition. Second, there is an image of a family cross, which is to be printed onto card stock and decorated. Finally, there are images of Jesus to be printed, colored, then cut out and applied to the family cross.

For this activity center, set up a work table with the following materials:

  • Printed handouts, one for each family
  • Cross image printed on heavy card stock, one for each family
  • Images of Jesus
  • Markers
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors, at least one pair per three families

Tips for Gathering Materials

Cross Images: For best results, print the cross template onto heavyweight card stock. Check your local office supply store for 100 lb card stock (264 g/m) or heavier. Card stock is available in a variety of weights and colors at most office supply stores.

Images of Jesus: These can be printed on regular copy paper, which is also called 20 lb text stock (75 g/m) or you could use pre-made stickers. Stickers with the image of Jesus can be found in religious bookstores or on the Internet. To find them on the Internet, type “Sunday school stickers” into a search engine.