Activity Center: Fasting Cup

Intergenerational Event—Getting to the Heart of Lent


Adults and children will decorate a cup into which they will place 10 fasting ideas that they have written on paper strips. On each day of Lent, the family will choose one of the 10 ideas from the cup and each family member will make a special effort to put that idea into action. At the end of the day, they will put the strip back into the cup.

Download Fasting Cup Family Handout
To print: 1 per family
Document: 2 pages.

The first page of this family handout explains the activity and gives some information on fasting. The second page is a template for the paper strips on which families will write their fasting ideas.

For this activity center, set up a work table with the following materials:

  • Printed handouts, one for each family
  • Paper strips (pre-cut), at least one set of 10 for each family
  • Plastic cups (16-18 ounce, preferably purple), one for each family
  • Decorative stickers with a Lenten theme
  • Pens for writing ideas

Tips for Gathering Materials

Paper Strips:
For best results, print the strip template onto paper stock that is a bit heavier than standard copy paper. Check your local office supply store for 110 lb text stock (200 g/m) or 80 lb card stock (216 g/m). If possible, choose a variety of colors. Most importantly, be sure to pre-cut the strips or provide scissors.

Decorative Stickers:
These can be found in most craft supply stores and religious bookstores. To find them on the Internet, type “Sunday School Stickers” into a search engine.

Although you can use any color of cup, purple is an excellent choice for this Lenten activity because purple is the liturgical color of the season. To find purple cups, check your local party supply store. To find them on the Internet, type “purple plastic cups” into a search engine.