Presentation, Prayer Service and Take-Home Kit

Intergenerational Event—Getting to the Heart of Lent



This interactive presentation focuses on the three disciplines of Lent. Participants will also take part in a dramatized Scripture reading.

Download Presentation Leader Guide
To print: 1 copy for leader
Document: 5 pages

Download Scripture Story Helper Guide
To print: 1 per helper
Document: 2 pages

Download Presentation Posters
To print: 1 set to enlarge
Document: 3 pages

Download Fasting Board Leader Guide
To print: 1 copy for leader
Document: 1 page

For the Presentation you will need:

  • The Presentation Leader Guide, which contains the script for the presentation and for a dramatized Scripture reading.
  • An altar cloth or a stole in Lenten purple.
  • A raised platform or podium so that the audience will be able to see the presenter during the dramatized Scripture reading. Alternatively, you could recruit volunteers to perform the movements of the reading along with the presenter. That way, every member of the audience will be able to see and follow the movements of at least one person during the Scripture reading. Children would make ideal volunteers for this activity.
  • A prayer chain and two volunteers to hold it. Instructions for creating a prayer chain can be found as part of the Prayer Chain Activity Center.
  • Presentation Posters: Once you have downloaded and printed this set of templates, you can convert them into presentation-sized materials. You could take them to a copy or print shop and have them enlarged, photocopy them onto transparencies and use an overhead projector to project them onto a wall or screen, or hand-make your own posters using the templates as models.
  • Fasting Board Leader Guide: Instructions for creating and using a fasting board are included with the leader guide.

Prayer Service

This short prayer service gathers all participants together for prayer, reflection, and veneration of the cross.

Download Leader/Reader Script
To print: 8 copies
Document: 3 pages.

For the Prayer Service, you will need:

  • A leader and seven volunteer readers.
  • Leader/ Reader Script: You will need one copy for the leader of the service and copies for each of the seven readers.
  • Six votive candles and six volunteers to carry them in the opening procession.
  • A Bible and a volunteer to carry it in the opening procession.
  • Volunteer musicians to play Lenten liturgical music for processions and any hymns you wish to use in the service. Hymns and music are optional; let your resources and judgment guide you.
  • A cross that is large enough to be suitable for veneration. You should also provide a place for participants to kneel in front of the cross and position the cross in such a way that those who kiss the cross in veneration will be able to do so comfortably. Let the traditions and preferences of your parish be your guide.
  • A simple prayer center: a table, draped with a purple cloth, with space for six votive candles and an enthroned Bible.
  • A basket holding enough holy cards so that each participant can have one.

Take-Home Kit

At the end of the presentation, distribute Take-Home Kits to each participating family. Refer to the current liturgical year to determine which Gospels to print. (Example: 2008 = Year A)

Download Take-Home Kit Labels (Avery Labels 5262)
To print: 1 label per kit
Document: 1 page = 14 labels

Download Gospels of Lent - Year A
To print: 1 per family
Document: 9 pages

Download Gospels of Lent - Year B
To print: 1 per family
Document: 6 pages

Download Gospels of Lent - Year C
To print: 1 per family
Document: 8 pages

Download Lenten Prayer Center Handout
To print: 1 per family
Document: 1 page

You may include only the materials we have listed here, or you may wish to include the family handouts for the various activity centers as well. Do what works best for you and your parish.

Suggestion: Include a list of local charities
This event is a wonderful opportunity to connect the members of your parish with local organizations that are doing good works in your community. Make a list available, including the name and contact information of the charity, some information on what they do, and a list of what almsgiving opportunities they offer. To make putting this list together easier, here is a suggested template. Feel free to highlight and copy the template text and paste it into a word-processing document you can customize.

Assembling the kits: Purchase enough plain 9" × 12" booklet-style envelopes so that there is one for each participating family. Most office supply stores carry envelopes that will work well. You can also find them on the Internet by typing “booklet envelopes” or “large envelopes” into a search engine. Label the envelopes by downloading the label page above and printing it on sheets of Avery labels 5262 until you have sufficient labels for all kits.