Activity Center: Prayer Chain

Intergenerational Event—Getting to the Heart of Lent


Adults and children will create a chain of prayers—both personal and formal. Each day during Lent, the family will remove a link together and say the prayer on that slip or pray for the intention listed there.

Download Prayer Chain Family Handout
To print: 1 per family
Document: 9 pages

This download contains three resources for this activity. The first is a family handout that explains the activity and discusses the Lenten discipline of prayer. The second is a set of 20 prayers printed onto strips. The third is a set of 20 blank paper strips on which families will write their personal family prayers.

For this activity center, set up a work table with the following materials:

  • Printed family handouts, one for each family
  • Packet of 20 strips of paper with prayers printed on them, one set for each family
  • Packet of 20 blank strips on which prayers can be written, one set for each family
  • Staplers and/or tape
  • Pens and markers

Tips for Gathering Materials

Prayer Strips: Prepare these well ahead of time using the template provided. Print them out and pre-cut them into strips. Then, bundle each set of 20 together with a rubber band or paper clip.

Blank Strips: Prepare these in the same way you prepare the prayer strips. Bundle together sets of 20 and secure them with a rubber band or paper clip. Be sure to have plenty of extras on hand.