Activity Center: Prayer Banner

Intergenerational Event—Mary: The Yes That Changed the World


Families will create a banner using Marian prayers and symbols to encourage prayer at home. Set up as many stations as necessary to accommodate the size of your group.

Download Prayer Banner Activity Center Handout
To print: 1 set per family
The download for this activity includes a handout with instructions for creating the banner and a collection of Marian prayers and symbols that families can cut out and use to decorate their banners. Copies of these handouts should be at every banner-making station.

For this activity, stock each station with the following materials:

  • Sheet of paper: 15 inches wide, approximately 30 inches long (one per family)
  • Instructions handout, one per family
  • Marian symbols handout, one per family
  • Marian prayers handout, one per family
  • Markers/crayons
  • Scissors: one pair for every three families
  • Glue sticks or other adhesive
  • Coat hanger, one per family
  • Stapler, one for every 10 families
  • Yarn or ribbon (optional)

You will need enough volunteers to keep all stations stocked with supplies.

Tips for Gathering Materials

Paper: The easiest option for paper is to use strips of butcher or other rolled paper. Purchase either a 15" wide roll and cut strips to any length you want or purchase a 30-36" wide roll and cut it into 15" strips. Rolled paper can be found in most office or school supply stores or online. Type “butcher paper roll” or “craft paper roll” into a search engine.

Coat Hangers: Wire dry-cleaner style hangers work well for this activity. Put out a call for parishioners to collect wire hangers and bring them in before the event. You can also purchase suitable hangers from any general merchandise store. Be sure to buy the triangular kind, with a bar along the bottom. If you want to buy them online, type “coat hangers plastic” or “coat hangers wire” into a search engine.