Activity Center: Story Wall

Intergenerational Event—Mary: The Yes That Changed the World


Adults will share with children some of the most important moments in Mary's life, learning along the way with the help of stories and illustrations.

Download Story Wall Activity Center Handout
To print: 1 set per family
Document: Four-page family handout that tells the stories of important events in Mary's life.

Download Story Wall Pictures to Post
To print: 1 set to post
Document: Set of 10 pages/illustrations of those stories..

Hang illustrations from the life of Mary on the wall in a random order, spacing them to allow several families to gather around each one. Then, provide each participating family with the story wall handout. This handout tells the story of each illustration. Have parents read the stories aloud. After hearing the stories, families will try to match each story with its illustration.

For this activity, you will need:

  • The 10 pictures from the life of Mary, enlarged to poster size
  • Tape or picture hangers to affix illustrations to the wall
  • Volunteers to make the posters and then hang them at the event
  • Story Wall Activity Center Handout (4 pages), one for each family
  • Bibles (optional)

Tips for Gathering Materials

Making the posters: Most print or copy shops can enlarge the illustrations to poster size. You might also want to have some parish children color the pictures once they are enlarged. If the illustrations aren't on stiff paper, you might want to mount them onto poster board or put them into inexpensive poster frames. To find frames online, type “plastic poster frames” into a search engine. If you would prefer not to convert the pictures into posters, you can always make photocopies and have the children use them as coloring pages.

Alternative Activity Center: If you would prefer not to make posters, you can also present the illustrations and stories as a storybook about Mary. This storybook is a lovely keepsake of the event, which you may want to distribute even if you do make posters!

Download The Story of Mary Book
To print: 1 set per family
12 pages