Presentation and Take-Home Kit

Intergenerational Event--Saints by Our Side


Open the intergenerational parish event with a presentation on what it means to be a saint in the Catholic Church and the role that saints play in our lives. The presentation features three interview skits. You may wish to present all three skits or you may decide to put on only one or two. Or you could write and present your own saint interviews! Let your imagination be your guide.

Download Presentation Leader Guide
To print: 1 copy for you
Document: 4 pages

Download Interview Script: Saint Thérèse of Lisieux
To print: 2 copies
Document: 3 pages

Download Interview Script: Saint Francis of Assisi
To print: 2 copies
Document: 3 pages

Download Interview Script: Blessed Maria and Luigi Quattrocchi
To print: 3 copies
Document: 3 pages

If you plan to give this presentation with all three interviews, you will need volunteers to play the following roles:

  • Presentation Leader/Interview Host [This role could be broken into two.]
  • Saint Thérèse of Lisieux
  • Saint Francis of Assisi
  • Blessed Maria Quattrocchi
  • Blessed Luigi Quattrocchi

Tips for Costumes

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux: The traditional Carmelite habit most associated with Saint Thérèse is a brown robe, white wimple, black veil, and cream-colored cloak. You may wish to have the actress playing Thérèse carry a bouquet of flowers.

Saint Francis of Assisi: The actor playing Francis should wear a rough brown robe, belted with a rope. He should wear sandals and carry a staff.

Blessed Luigi and Maria: Because the Quattrocchis lived in the twentieth century, the actors playing them can wear modern dress: a suit with a bow tie for Luigi and a dress or jacket and skirt for Maria.

Take-Home Kit

At the end of the presentation, distribute Take-Home Kits to each participating family.

Download Take-Home Kit Labels (Avery labels 5262)
To print: 1 label per kit
Document: 1 pg = 14 labels

Download Even More Saints by Your Side
To print: 1 per family
Document: 1 page

Download The Communion of Saints and You
To print: 1 per family
Document: 1 page

Download Getting to Know the Saints
To print: 1 per family
Document: 1 page

Download I'm No Saint . . . or Am I?
To print: 1 per family
Document: 1 page

You may include only the materials we have listed here, or you may wish to include the family handouts for the various activity centers as well. Do what works best for you and your parish.

Assembling the kits:
Purchase enough plain 9" × 12" booklet-style envelopes so that there is one for each participating family. Most office supply stores carry envelopes that will work well. You can also find them on the Internet by typing “booklet envelopes” or “large envelopes” into a search engine. Label the envelopes by downloading the label page above and printing it on sheets of Avery labels 5262 until you have sufficient labels for all kits.