Sr. Rose’s Two-Minute Review of the 2014 Oscar Nominees


Sr. Rose Pacatte has mixed reviews about this year’s crop of Oscar nominees for Best Picture.

She loved Gravity, was disappointed by American Hustle, and thought Leonard DiCaprio was brilliant in The Wolf of Wall Street—even though she disliked the film.

Overall, the film critic thought the nine movies nominated for Best Picture were high quality films that pulled big star power. The question for Sr. Rose is, would she watch any of the movies again?

Find out in these two-minute reviews, produced by the Ignatian News Network.

12 Years a Slave

“12 Years a Slave is perhaps the best overall film released this year.”

American Hustle

“Funny movie but I expected more.”

Captain Philips

“It’s a really adventurous movie. Will I see Captain Philips again?”

Dallas Buyers Club

“I do hope McConaughey takes home the Oscar for Best Actor.”


“I think this is a brilliant film from the aspect of spirituality and human and spiritual growth.”


“Joaquin Phoenix is one of the most underrated actors working today. Brilliant. But, will I see it again?”


“This is a warm, quirky, funny, small film—a really microscopic look at Americana. I loved it.”


“If you take the rest of the film, what you get is a beautiful story of forgiveness and reconciliation.”

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is a movie that made me want to scream ‘I hate hate hate this movie!’ even while I was laughing.”

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